Testimony of Laurent Gerniers – Sales Director at Twixl

Twixl logo and Square logo with an image of computer

Square has been active in the field of mobile applications since 2010 and has chosen Twixl as its solution since 2016.

Twixl Publisher is a creative platform that allows you to create your own native applications and manage your content.

Our relationship with Twixl is rich in exchanges and experiments, and we have joined the circle of their « Creative Partners ».

Here is the testimony of Laurent Gerniers, Sales Director at Twixl.

« Square is not just an agency! They are one of our most valuable partners out of more than 80 partners we have operating all over the world.

Most of our partners expect us to help them, Square is one of the few partners that wants to help us become better so we can help them develop better projects. They supported us to enhance our solution to become more accessible for the visually impaired.

Every year we have a meeting with them about how they think customers and their needs will evolve. Not just about what their customers are asking for but about what will be their needs in the future based on what they see and feel in the market today. They serve very big customers in relationships that are most of the time based on trust.

They always deliver on expectations and are respected by their customers based on their knowhow and experience. And even with this position in the market, they continue to question theirselves. This is how you create excellence! »

Laurent Gerniers – Sales Director at Twixl


Posted on

25 January 2022