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Compliance with Cookies Regulations and their setting

This section is dedicated to the use of cookies. It allows you to learn more about the origin and use of the browsing information processed during your visit of our sites and about your rights. This page is therefore important for you, so you can have a positive and confident experience of our services, and for us, because we want to answer any questions about your consultation of our sites and take into account your wishes.

Under the so-called Telecoms Package, you must be informed and give your consent prior to the insertion of cookies and tracers.

In this context, you have an option to choose not to be traced when you visit a site or use an app.

Your consent prior to the insertion of cookies and tracers is valid for up to 13 months.

It is further specified that, in accordance with applicable regulations, certain tracers are exempt from the collection of this consent.

A summary of the applicable rules is shown below, so that you can be fully informed and thus give free and informed consent.

What is a cookie or tracer?

The regulations include tracers that are filed and read, for example, when viewing a website, reading an email, installing or using a mobile software or application, regardless of the type of device used, such as a computer, smartphone, digital reader and video games console that are connected to the Internet. As such, the term “cookie” broadly covers:

HTTP cookies

“flash” cookies

the result of fingerprinting in the case of “fingerprinting” (calculation of a unique machine identifier based on elements of its configuration for tracing purposes)

invisible pixels or “web bugs”

any other identifier generated by software or an operating system, for example.

This also applies, regardless whether the cookie collects personal data.

Cookies can have many purposes. Regardless of the type of cookies, only the issuer of a cookie can read or change the information contained in it.

What is the legal framework?

By adopting the 2009/136/EC Directive, the European legislator amended the previous legal framework (Article 5(3) of directive 2002/58/EC) and established the principle of prior user consent before storing information on a user’s equipment or access to information already stored.

The only exceptions to this principle are whether these actions are strictly necessary for the issuance of a service expressly requested by the subscriber or user.

The transposition of this 2009/136/CE directive took place, under French law, by ordinance No. 2011-1012 of 24 August 2011, which amended Article 32-II of the French Data protection act of 6 January 1978.

Which cookies require prior information and a request for consent?

As a rule, cookies requiring prior information and a request for consent may be, without this list being limited:

  • Cookies related to targeted advertising operations.
  • Some audience measurement cookies (see exemptions below).
  • Social media cookies generated by their sharing buttons when they collect personal data without your consent.

The law foresees that certain tracers are exempt from the collection of your consent.

The case of audience measurement solutions cookies (analytics)

To be exempt from a consent application, audience measurement cookies must meet the following conditions:

information must be given to enable you to oppose to the treatment of measurement cookies (this opposition must be enabled from any terminal).

  • The data collected should not be cross-referenced with other treatments (customer files or web views statistics from other sites, for example);
  • The deposited tracker should only be used to produce anonymous statistics and should not allow the tracking of navigation on different sites. It must not be kept for more than 13 months and should not be extended on new visits;
  • Bulk viewing data with an identifier should also not be kept for more than 13 months;
  • using the IP address to geolocate you should not be able to determine your street: only the first two bytes of IPv4 addresses can be stored and possibly used for geolocation (for IPv6 only the first 6 bytes can be kept).

Analytics solutions that do not comply with the above conditions must be the subject of your prior consent. 


  • The cookies we issue for essential purposes

These cookies are essential to the operation of the site. Without them, it would not be possible to access our content or services.

  • Audience measurement cookies

These cookies allow to know the number of users and how they use the site. The collected elements allow us to continually improve your user experience.

This data does not identify a user because the information is anonymous.

  • The cookies we issue on our advertising spaces

Cookies are likely to be included in the advertising spaces of our sites. These advertising spaces display advertising content from advertisers on your terminal. These spaces help finance the content and services we provide.

  • Social media cookies

By clicking on the sharing buttons on our sites, cookies can be installed on your device. This includes buttons of Facebook TM, Twitter TM, Google+ TM and YouTube TM.

Even without clicking these buttons, social networks can track your browsing on our sites and collect data. It is impossible for us to control the information that are retrieved as such.

The collected information will influence the content of the advertising pages on these social networks according to your interests.

It is possible to object to the installation of such cookies, but you will no longer be able to benefit from the features of the sharing buttons.

Here is the list of cookies used by social networks according to the publisher:

For more information, you can check out the privacy policy of your social networks.

You can also manage the installation of some of these cookies from the YourOnlineChoices platform:

How do you get your consent?

According to the Data protection act, cookies and tracers requiring a collection of consent cannot be deposited or read on your user’s device until you have given your consent.

Consent is a free, specific and informed expression of will.

In this context, you have the choice of being able to accept or refuse the deposit of cookies or tracers.

Your refusal of cookies requiring your consent does not affect your access or use of the website accessible at:

Your choice must be made for each application and for each website and your consent is required each time a new purpose is added to the original purposes.

Steps to collecting your consent, following the recommendations of the CNIL (French National Commission on Informatics and Liberty):

STEP 1: Your upfront information

As soon as you go to the website accessible to the address (home page or secondary page of the site), a pop-up banner appears that will inform you of the following:

  • The precise purposes of the cookies used;
  • The ability to refuse to these cookies and change the settings by clicking on a link in the banner;
  • The advice that it is worth accepting the collection of cookies before continuing your browsing activity.

As long as you have not continued browsing, i.e. until you have gone to another page of the website or clicked on an item on that website (such as an image, a link, a button, etc.), the above banner does not disappear. This is to ensure that you are fully informed, and your consent is not ambiguous.

Unless your prior consent is given, cookies are not deposited and read:

  • If you go to the website (home page or directly on another page of the site from a search engine for example) and do not continue your browsing (a lack of action cannot be equated with a manifestation of will)
  • If you click on the link in the banner and refuse the collection of cookies.

Warning: it is worth agreeing to collection of cookies on your device to continuing browsing

STEP 2: “Learn more – Cookie setting” page

If you click on the “Learn More – Cookie Setting” link, you will go to a page that allows you to set up cookies and tracers.

This page allows you to refuse the insertion of cookies and tracers.

To do this, we have put in place practical solutions, which are possible for all the tracking technologies we use (cookies, flash cookies, fingerprinting, plugins, some images stored in the browser, memory spaces specific to different browsers, etc.).

You can freely accept or refuse cookies for purposes (advertising, social networks, audience measurement, etc.).


These arrangements for you to exercise your choices are:

In addition, we have put in place, in order to obtain your prior approval:

  • A banner describing the purposes of the cookies used, explicitly asking you if you accept the collection of types of cookies, also specifying how to withdraw your consent at a later date (see below);
  • An overprinted area that asks for your consent
  • Checkboxes when registering for an online service allowing you to accept the filing of cookies by categories of purposes;
  • buttons to activate the features of a service that collects cookies (for example, social media plugins).

How long is your consent valid?

Under the principle that it is your right to be forgotten, the consent you have given must be able to be forgotten.

Thus, the validity of consent to the deposit of cookies and tracers is maximum 13 months after their first deposit in your terminal after your expression of consent.

At the end of this period, your consent will have to be collected again.

The validity of your consent is under no circumstances extended during your subsequent visits on the website.

How to withdraw your consent

To allow you to withdraw your consent at any time, in the same easy way as giving your consent, we have put in place the following user-friendly solutions:

  • cookie setting mechanism directly available on the website or in the app
  • youronlinechoices interprofessional platform:

You can connect to the Youronlinechoices website, proposed by digital advertising professionals grouped within the European Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA) and managed in France by the Interactive Advertising Bureau France.

This will allow you to know which companies are registered on this platform and offer you the ability to refuse or accept cookies used by these companies to tailor to your browsing information the advertisements that may be displayed on your device:

This European platform is shared by hundreds of Internet advertising professionals and is a centralized interface that allows you to express your refusal or acceptance of cookies that may be used to adapt the advertisements that may be displayed in your device to the navigation of your device. Note that this procedure will not prevent ads from being displayed on the websites you visit. It will only block technologies that allow ads to be tailored to your interests.


Updated on 11 January 2019

General Data Protection Regulation n°(EU) 2016/79 of 27 April 2016 (EU regulation in force from 25 May 2018)

Information about our use of personal data that you give us when you contact us by email, phone or mail, or during your visit to our website When you visit our website, you acknowledge that you have read and accepted our privacy policy; you also allow us to collect and process your data as part of our data protection policy and current regulations.

Personal data collected by Square

In the context of commercial relations, or during exchanges or requests for information, orally or in writing, personal data may be collected. It is mainly contact and identity information: name, first name, addresses, function or position occupied, phone number… Communications addressed to Square during recruitment operations or on the occasion of spontaneous applications may also provide information about family status, education, career path and personal interests.

During visits to our website, technical information related to the user’s material, technical or geolocation data can be collected; this collection is mainly related to the third-party services used for site management (CMS platform, follow-up and analysis of page views…)

Use of collected personal data

The personal data collected by Square have following objective:

  • The management of communication and trade relations (contact information),
  • The processing of applications, spontaneous or in the context of recruitment (personal information),
  • The optimization of navigation on our website (cookies, technical data),
  • Statistics and analyses of the page views of our website,
  • Managing requests for access rights and correction of personal data.

Automated data collection (cookies)

See our section “Compliance with cookie regulations and their setting”

Sharing or transferring personal data

The data collected on our website or provided during our exchanges are exclusively reserved for internal use in the context of our commercial relations. In this context, we may share this personal data with the companies of the Seraip Group or the providers mandated by Square to intervene in our production or service activities. None of these recipients are allowed to use the personal data received for use outside of our production or services activities.


Our privacy policy is designed to provide information on all subjects related to the collection, use and storage of data for all persons who may transmit or let us collect this data.

During your visits to our site, your consent to the collection of data will be solicited if necessary by means of checkboxes. If you refuse to provide us with your data, we will be unable to process requests that would require the use of this data.

At any time, you also have the right and opportunity to object to the processing of your personal data, to ask us to limit its processing, to exercise your right to delete or correct your personal data. You can also ask us to extract and send you all the personal data that we have about you.

Third-party services and external links accessible from our website

Our website may occasionally include external links to other sites or to third-party services that we use in the range of our digital communication (social networks in particular). All social networking sites or platforms have their own data protection policies without Square being involved in any way in the responsibility of these data protection policies. 

Conservation time

The personal data collected by Square has no other purpose than to be used to carry out the assignments from the concerned persons, and are not kept beyond the legal limitations that are applicable, including the following aspects:

  • Data collected as a result of exchanges of correspondence, whether oral, printed or electronic, are kept as long as necessary to carry out the assignment we received, and is extendable to a period of five years for administrative reasons.
  • Cookies that were accepted during a visit to our website expire after a maximum period of thirteen months,
  • Information from applications, spontaneous or following a recruitment activity, may be kept for up to two years.


Personal data protection

The personal data collected by Square is only used and processed by those directly affected by its use for commercial or operational management of the customer relationship. These people access personal data with the strictest respect for the privacy of these data.

All the infrastructure on which personal data is kept, in management or in transit, is protected by a company policy and technical tools that ensure its security and prevent the loss or leakage of personal data.


Responsible for the protection of personal data collected by Square are:

  • The delegate for data protection
  • The recipients of collected personal data


Contact us

To exercise your data protection rights or to ask us a question about our privacy policy, you can send us a written request by mail or email to our data protection delegate:


Christophe Quinzoni, Data Protection Delegate
24, Rue Lieutenant-Colonel Prevost – 69006 Lyon


Update and changes

We reserve the right to change or update our privacy policy at any time and without notice. Changes and updates take effect on the date these changes are published and updated on our website.