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“As project manager, I am using my packaging expertise to build bridges between design, artwork and prepress. I love build a close relationship with my customer, with high focus on quality and performance.”

Elisabeth Barrier

“Since I became CEO of Square in 2017, we have been pursuing a vision of innovation and growth. It is a privilege to work with a diverse and multi-talented team of graphic chain enthusiasts.”

Jean Ulrich

“My role is to ensure and improve quality and efficiency via new technologies & ways of working. I have the pleasure to work with a diverse team with the single objective of making customers happy.”

Christophe Quinzoni

“Every day I ensure brand consistency by developing smart master templates linked to automatic text import. I just love it when artworks can be delivered on time, compliant, and perfectly brand consistent.”

Alexandra Mabrito

“As Commercial Director, my task is to nourish strategic relationship with customers by listening carefully to their business needs and sharing our vision of innovation. In doing so, I can rely on a skilled team of graphic chain professionals.”

Dieter De Doncker

“Packaging is more than just a printed container. Each day I work to get our customer’s brands perform on digital plartforms. I use the customer data, product information and images, and develop automated upload to e-commerce platforms.”

Jérôme Durand

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