Supplier Relations & Responsible Purchasing

Obtaining RFAR Label

On 12 July 2018, Square became the first French SME to receive the Responsible Supplier Relations and Purchasing Label. This government label distinguishes French companies committed to a balanced relationship with their suppliers. It commits us to continuing the good practices that have been put in place and, through the creation of wealth, promotes ethical and sustainable commercial exchanges.

A journey in a few key dates:

  • 2011: signature of the Responsible Supplier Relations Charter
  • 2013: Award of Responsible Supplier Relations label to Square
  • 2018: Award of Responsible Supplier Relations and Purchasing label to Square
  • 2022: three-year renewal of Responsible Supplier Relations and Purchasing label to Square

To date, the 41 organisations who received the label, represent an annual purchasing volume of over €100 billion.

Photo: Award of the label on 12 July 2018, at the Ministry of the Economy and Finance, to Jean Ulrich (Chief Executive Officer) accompanied by Roland Donzelle (shareholder) and Christophe Quinzoni (internal mediator).

On 1 February 2022, the labelling committee renewed the label for Square for a period of three years. To date, the label has been awarded to 65 organisations.

To find out more about the label you can click the link below:


Posted on

2 January 2019